FireFlink -

FireFlink -

Develop your Web Scripts with ease.

Automation of web application is heading towards codeless process with sophisticated NLP based scripts  to handle all types of actions & verifications effortlessly.
Scriptless Web Automation

Scriptless Web Automation

  • Quick creation of web project
  • Capture your web elements using element locator plugin
  • Zero coding required to develop web scripts
  • Steps Reusability
  • Define your own NLP using custom functions
  • Run your web scripts on your desired platform
  • Create a Test suite
  • Run your test suite either sequentially or parallely

Supports multiple platforms


Run your web test scripts

FireFlink supports executing your web test scripts on multiple browsers

AI infused inbuilt framework

  • FireFlink has the perfect blend of popular test automation framework types.
  • Varied Frameworks which¬† are used extensively across the industry such as Data Driven, Modular Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid Driven, TDD or BDD are packed to all in one.
  • Ready to use framework with a most user friendly features to handle all aspects or configurations involved at various stages of testing.
  • AI enabled functionalities to serve your E2E automation needs.
  • Automatic dependency management.

AI infused inbuilt framework

Steps Reusability

While we test web applications, oftentimes we witness similar actions that are repeated in multiple test scenarios that are exhaustive to develop & maintain. In order to overcome these obstacles, Step Groups are introduced. Convert periodically repeated steps / actions into Step Groups for the ease of usability.

Custom NLPs

FireFlink intuitively takes care of all the automation actions and verifications through its inbuilt NLP library. However, if some specific test cases, actions or verifications you wish to define; you can bring your own language into FireFlink through our custom NLP's.

Test your application on multiple browsers

  • FireFlink comes with an option of supporting cross browser testing with its in-built feature of running tests on Multiple browsers
  • Save your time on compatibility testing
  • Giving you better test coverage

Test your application on multiple browsers
Test Execution Report

Test Execution Report

  • AI based report for all your test suite execution
  • Execute only failed test steps
  • Screenshots for all your failed test steps without any configuration
  • Send your test suite report for the selected group of people