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Wait Configuration

Wait plays a very important role in automation to develop a stable test script (Test cases), like in selenium how we are using implicit & explicit wait concepts, the same concept is used in FireFlink as well & along with these two we are introducing new concept i.e Delay between steps, by using this the script will wait for a specified time after executing every step in the script, all these wait concepts help you to build a better, stronger & stable test Scripts.

How to Navigate to Wait Configuration:

Once you log into FireFlink, you will be directed to the “Projects Selection” dropdown where the “All Projects” option is displayed by default.

Click on “Configuration in the left navigation bar under the “All Projects” level, and hover the mouse on Run Configuration to select the Wait Configuration, This consists of three sections in it, and they are “Environment ConfigurationWait Configuration” and “Screenshot & Video configuration”, click on “Wait Configuration”.


Home icon > Configuration > Run Configuration > Wait Configuration

How to update the wait configuration?

Once after navigating to Wait Configuration”, FireFlink will recommend you to go with a standard wait, but if you wish to go with your customized wait; FireFlink aids you to accommodate that as well, you just need to change the value for the implicit wait, explicit wait, delay between steps value as per your requirement (totally customized way), click on “save” button. The wait will be updated as per your needs & will be reflected in your scripts, run-time values will be considered as mentioned below.

Implicit wait: If you want to click on the element, it will wait entirely until the given implicit wait time, and then only it will perform the action

Explicit wait: If you want to click on the element, it will not wait entirely until the given time, it performs the action as soon as it finds the element

Delay Between Steps: If you give a delay between steps, it will wait until the given time before executing each step.

Note: If you update at the All project level, this will be good for all the newly added projects under that license.

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