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In this section, the user can add the User privileged users who are in the Active state created at “The Project level”. Users can also assign roles to each user. By default, Super Admin and Admins would be assigned to Full Access Roles.

The user’s section consists of:

Add button – Just by clicking on add button, the user can add the user-privileged users by assigning any suitable roles.

On selecting the Users tab from the Project menu section, you see the Users List.


Home icon -> Projects Menu -> Users


Add button: This button is used to Add a User.

  1. Add User pop-up would display the following fields:
  • Sl. NO: It is a mandatory field. There is a check box beside Sl. NO. Upon clicking this check box, it will select all the names. If one or more users are selected manually, then the check box beside Sl. NO is partially selected.
  • User Name: User Privileged users created in the All Project level and who are in an Active state will be displayed in this field.
  • Role: Roles created at All Project levels and Individual project levels are displayed in the Role dropdown.

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