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Screenshot and Video Configurations

FireFlink provides you with the authority to specify when to take a screenshot or a video for a test script and also the option to store these screenshots or videos that have been captured, it also gives you the opportunity to delete any unwanted or outdated storage of screenshots or videos for better utilization of memory.

How to Navigate to Screenshot & Video Configuration?

Click on “Configuration” in the left navigation panel under the “All Projects” level, a side menu bar will be displayed, upon hovering the mouse on “Run Configuration” you will be populated with multiple options, within these select “Screenshot & Video” configuration.


Home icon > Configuration > Run Configuration > Screenshot & Video Configuration

How to update Screenshot & Video Configuration?

  • Once you navigate to “Screenshot & Video Configuration”, FireFlink will recommend you take a screenshot for only the failed steps. Scripts will be selected by default, if you want to go with your customized requirement you just need to change the radio button.
  • For better utilization of your memory, FireFlink will provide a durational option to store the captured screenshot & videos wherein you can specify how many days you want to store your resources, and depending upon the selected duration the resources will get deleted automatically from your storage.
  • You can customize the “Screenshot & Video configuration” for “Individual projects”, the changes will be applied only to that particular project.

  •  If you update at the “All project level, this will hold good for all the newly added projects under that license.
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