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In this section, Users can create, edit and delete the roles within the selected Project.

Roles section consist:

+ Role button: Using which user can create the Roles in the selected project level.

On selecting the Roles tab from the Project menu section, the user can see the Roles List.

Home Icon -> Projects Menu -> Roles

User Roles Specifications:

User roles that have been created at the All Project level, cannot be duplicated at the Individual Project level. However, the roles that are created at the Individual Project level can be used at All Project Levels.

+ Role button: This button can be used to create a User Role.

Create Role Pop-Up:

In create Role pop-up, three fields appear:

  • Name: The name of the role is required for this field. It is a mandatory field.
  • Description: The user can describe the role.
  • Project Permission table: The project Permission table lets the user choose the accessibility for different module levels of accessibility includes- No Access, View, Edit, and Full Access.

A different section of modules includes Project Menu, Repository, Test Data, Test Development, Execution, Web Service Workbench, Database Workbench, and Configuration. This function is crucial in controlling the accessibility of particular Projects.

How to create a role?

  • Click on the +Role Button. Create Role Pop-up will be displayed.
  • Fill in the Mandatory Fields – Name, Project Permission. The description is Non-Mandatory.
  • Click on Create Button.

  • Created Role is displayed in the Role List.

Roles lists

The roles list is a table that contains five fields. It functions similarly to a dashboard that gives an overall view of all the Roles.

The roles list contains five fields as follows:

  • Name: The name of the role that is hyperlinked to the role details pop-up. From column displays the license role and project role if they are created from the All Project level and Individual Project level respectively.
  • Modified by: The name of the user who has modified the project is hyperlinked to the user details.
  • Modified On: The updated time of the Role along with the date is recorded.
  • Actions: This field is not displayed automatically.

  • The user has to hover the cursor over the particular user to see the options under the actions column:
    • Edit: All fields here are editable. Users can modify it according to their requirements.
    • Delete: The user cannot delete the Role which is in use i.e. which is assigned to any user.
    • More: Users can utilize this functionality for one utility:
      • Details: Role details are displayed.

Role details pop up:

The role details pop-up consists of all the data that has been provided during the Role creation.

  • Created by: Text and name of the user who created the Role.
  • Created on: Text along with date and time will be recorded.
  • Modified by: Text and name of the user who modified the Role.
  • Modified on: Text along with date and time will be recorded.
  • Project Permission: This table is displayed in which the user can see the provided accessibilities for each section.

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