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Result Configuration

The result configuration section will help you decide the number of result entries stored in the “Test development” and “Suite sections”. In the “Test development” and “Suite Section” after the execution of scripts, you will be navigated to the execution “Dashboard” to get the status of execution.

How to Navigate to Result Configuration

Click on “Configuration” in the left navigation panel under the “All Projects” level, a side menu bar will be displayed where you can select “Result Configuration”.


Home icon > Configuration > Result Configuration

How to update Result Configuration?

  • Once you are navigated to the “Result Configuration”, FireFlink will recommend you go with a standard number of result entries, if you want to have your own customized result entries throughout the product, you just need to change the default value for Test Scripts, Module, Suite, Suite of suite & click on save button.
  • These updated values are used to store the number of result entries in FireFlink.
  • You can customize the “Result Configuration” for “Individual projects”, the changes made will only apply to that particular project.

Note: If you update at the All project level, this will hold good for all the newly added projects under that license.

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