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What is History in the web service tab?

History is the place where the entire sent request is captured.

Why do we need history?

  • If the user wants to reuse the request sent, then you can make use of history by clicking on the “View” button from the history table.
  • If the user wants to check the request sent, whether he sent the request in the desired form. (To check if the sent request is in the desired format)
  • If the user needs to access another script request in the present request, He/she can make use of history.

Navigation to the History tab

  • Click on the “web service” dropdown
  • Select “History” and the user will be navigated to the “History” page.

Capturing a History

  • Whenever a user sends a request, it is captured in the “History” and there are two types of history.
  1. Requests executed in the current script are captured in the “Executed Requests” tab and will display the request details in the form of a table.

  1. Requests executed in the current project are captured in the “Global History” tab and will display the request details in the form of a table.

Details of the request in History

  • Details of the request are provided in the form of a table, wherein every detail related to the request is provided.
  • A view button is provided in every row of the “View Request” column. Upon clicking on it, the user will navigate to the “Rest API” option of the “Web Service” tab, where the request section is pre-filled with the details of the particular request.
  • Whenever we have to use the same type of API request in a different script then we can make use of the “Global History” tab in order to view the complete details of previous API Requests so that the details can be reused in different scripts.

Delete a History

  • When hovered by the mouse on any row of the table, it will display a “Delete” icon in the Delete column. Upon clicking on which that particular history is Deleted. And a success banner will be displayed.

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