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Email Configuration

After the execution of test scripts or suites, If the test engineer wishes to send the reports to their respective managers or clients defining the results, defects, and stability of the build and a comprehensive report through an email in HTML format, instead of sending them one at a time, FireFlink provides a feature where you can create a group and send all the reports at once. FireFlink will automatically trigger an email to group members once the execution is completed.

How to Navigate to Email Configuration?

Click on “Configuration” present in the left navigation panel under the “All Projects” level, upon clicking a side menu will be displayed, and click on “Email Configuration” which is shown in the menu.


Home icon –> Configuration –> Email configuration– > Email Group

In Email configuration we have a section tab:

Email Group tab

  • When you click on “Email Configuration”, you will be navigated to the “Email Group” tab by default. To create a new “Email Group” just click on the “+ Group” button as shown below

  • Provide all the necessary details in the “Create Email Group” pop-up, click on the Add Recipient button to add multiple recipients to the group & click on the “Create” button as shown below
  • The email group that has been created is displayed in the “Email Group Environment” as shown below
  • FireFlink provides an option to update your existing email group by clicking on the “edit icon” for that particular email group and hovering the mouse over it as shown below.
  • Upon clicking on the edit icon “Edit Email Group” pop-up will be displayed wherein you can edit the details based on your needs and click on the “update button” as shown below
  • Note: You can customize email groups at an individual project level and also the changes made will be limited to that particular project.
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